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Argannon by DETWERKS Argannon by DETWERKS
This is Argannon, a magical knight I named and illustrated for a 7th Sanctum contest. The assignment was to use the generator and create a work of art that fits one of the descriptions it gives. Here's the one I got:

...This mysterious magic knight's deep-set eyes are the color of the midnight sky and his waist-length, straight, thick, purple hair is worn in a businesslike style. He has a narrow build. He has angel powers that are focused through a belt. His outfit is blue and black, and it looks like a fusion of a businessman's suit and a set of casual clothes....

The design I came up with for Argannon's outfit is based off of clothes I had in real life. I wanted his wings to be different; not black or white like the angels that are so common.

Since the phoenix is one of my favorite mythical beasts, I wanted Argannon's wings to be red or orange. I came across a digital artist named Shadavar who allowed stock images of his 3D wings to be used freely and I implemented it to my drawing since it was exactly what I was looking for.

In the original finished piece, Argannon's eyes were hot pink, his hair brown, and his sweater orange instead of blue lol.

What happened was I sketched him out, started coloring a bit...then stopped to work on other projects. When I started coloring Argannon again I hella forgot about the description and just did my own thing. Obviously I changed him right away when I realized my mistake :P
ExiledChaos Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2005
Great job, you got an honorable mention^^
DETWERKS Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the heads up, heheh I'll check out the results right now :sprint:
Cha0sM0nkey Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2005
The wings are nicely placed...
I also like the coloring on the wings.
Nice Buckle.
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September 13, 2005
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